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What to Expect at your First Competition

What to Expect at your First Competition


If so, you probably haven't attended a competition yet and might not think you're the kind of person who would like going to these sorts of events and actually competing against others, whether it's because you think you would be too slow compared to other people or because you think you wouldn't find it an enjoyable experience. Here's some advice for you.

Get to a competition

It doesn't matter whether you average 1 minute or 8 seconds, no one will judge you based on your speed. Everybody is friendly and approachable, the whole competition experience is incredible, and I know that whenever I go to a competition, I'll have a great time.

Talk to people

Competitions are so much more fun when you communicate with others, why not find other people going to the competition first. To do this, join a group like UK Speedcubing on Facebook if it's a UK competition there will be people on there who are going, most cubers in these groups are a significant part of the community and will be more than happy to help out and ease you into the whole process.

Don't get worried about your results

At your first competition, or any, you may feel extremely nervous, but just remember you're there for a fun day/weekend and you shouldn't let results depend on how much you enjoy it, remember, there will be others feeling the same as you.

Help judge

Judging is a fun way to spend time at competitions, and it helps it run smoothly and on time, so it's a win for everyone. Even running (getting things organised) helps the competition run smoothly, and if you don't know how to do either of these, watch the introduction at the beginning of the event, this explains how the competition will run and what the schedule for the day is.

Just enjoy yourself

Competitions should be seen as a way to have fun and enjoy yourself. After you attend your first competition, you will have a better understanding of the whole process and how it works. Your nerves will have settled, and you will be counting the days until your next one.

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  • Gordon reavley
    Gordon reavley

    Ive been doing the cube since 1981 and still love solving it when others are watching and it keeps those brain cells active.but im amazed at tha agility and speed of todays 70 in may so speed cubing is out for me but ive doneit 62 s

    March 03, 2019
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