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GAN G.E.S Nuts - What do they even do?

GAN G.E.S Nuts - What do they even do?

why would i need them?

If you are a fan of speed cube and twisty puzzles, you might be excited to learn that you can now customise your experience! Don’t you just hate when your cube feels clunky or like its grinding as you’re trying to solve it? or would you like to feel less resistance while you work on finger twists? Bring in the G.E.S Nuts.

so what does G.E.S mean?

G.E.S stands for Gans Elasticity System. The GES is comprised of a nut, a precise spring, and spring cap. Say goodbye to the days of spring noise and internal rubbing caused by metal gaskets while you are working your cube.


In a full set of G.E.S nuts there are 7 different colours available. Each colour has a different elasticity, which really allows you to customise the hand feel of your cubing experience. The S series offers 4 elasticity options and the G series offers 3 elasticity options. 

Red S6: 7.5N Spring Elasticity

Orange S7: 6.N Spring Elasticity

Colorless S8: 5.4N Spring Elasticity

Yellow S9: 4.7N Spring Elasticity

Green G7: 4.1N Spring Elasticity

Blue G8: 3.5N Spring Elasticity

Purple G9: 3N Spring Elasticity

Speed Benefits

By changing the colour of the G.E.S nuts in your cube, you can totally customise how your cube feels in your hand while you are working. This means you can make it feel tighter or more smooth and less clunky while you work on your solving speed techniques!

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Please Note: The GAN G.E.S nuts are only compatible with the GAN 356 Air series of speed cubes (at time of writing).

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