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YongJun Rainbow Ball Review

YongJun Rainbow Ball Review

Hey Guys, in this video we are going to be looking at the YongJun Rainbow Ball. Now, this is not a twisting face sort of puzzle which we specialise in; it is more of a beginner, brainteaser kind of puzzle.

With 11 coloured balls and 12 coloured holes the idea of this puzzle is simple, match each coloured ball with its respective hole, Blue > Blue, Red > Red etc... But its not that easy for everyone. A certain "logical" thought process is needed to easily solve this quirky little puzzle.

In the video below we take the lid off and show this puzzle in all its brilliance to the world! We believe this to be the perfect gift for any younger generation cuber or even young family relative. The puzzle itself offers a great introduction to these types of brainteaser type puzzles and will help the individual improve their logically thinking and problem solving techniques. Lets take a look at the video below: 

Now, what do you think? Look easy? For me it was but then again, I have grown up around these types of puzzles and can solve almost any brainteaser put infront of me. Fancy the challenge? Head on over to the YongJun Rainbow Ball product page and orders yours today!

To order yours today... Click Here!


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