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Valk 3 Comparison

Valk 3 Comparison

So today I wanted to talk about the Valk 3, Valk 3 Mini and the Valk 3 Magnetic (or Valk M). We have had a few people message us lately regarding these Speed Cubes and what the difference is between them. So, if you are reading this you are also interested in knowing the main differences too? Let's get started...

Valk 3

The Original Valk 3 as pictured (left) was the first 3x3 Speed Cube created by world renown speed cuber Mats Valk.

The cube is available in not just Black, but also a White version and even Stickerless (to stop those sticker peeling cheaters).

Size: The Valk 3 measures 55.5mm across all sides.

Weight: The Valk 3 Weights in at approximately 82g

On the 6th of November 2016 Mats Valk used this puzzle to set a world record (which has since been beaten)  of 4.74 seconds.

Valk 3 Mini

Created by QiYi and Mats Valk, the Valk 3 Mini is a smaller edition to the world famous speed cube, the Valk 3 (as above).


Size: The Valk 3 Mini measures 47.4mm across all sides.

Weight: The Valk 3 Mini Weights in at approximately 61g

This particular miniature 3x3 is one of the best 3x3 "mini cubes" we have seen on the market, EVER! It is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but then how can something so small compete with its bigger brother for speed, stability and smoothness? QiYi have however, managed to make the Valk 3 Mini maintain most of what we loved from the original Valk, quick turns, minimal lock-ups and record times.

Valk 3 Magnetic

The Valk M is a magnetised version of the original Valk. This means the layers attract together nicely and reduce the occurrence of 'lock-ups'.


Size: The Valk 3 M measures 55.5mm across all sides.

Weight: The Valk 3 M Weights in at approximately 90g

The magnets inside this puzzle are situated in the Corner and Edge pieces and allow the pieces to be rotated freely but not overshot. A slight attraction slows down the pieces when they are being twisted and helps reduce the change of your puzzle locking up when speed solving. In my opinion, slightly stronger magnets should have been used but that is personal preference and many people may disagree.

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