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How to write a review

How to write a review

Do you want to review a product you have previously purchased? You don't have to of purchased the puzzle directly from us, or even from the UK, as long as your review is directly related to the puzzle in question and completely unbiased, your review will be accept.

First of all, If you have purchased a puzzle from KewbzUK, I would like to say a great big thank you for your support and we hope that you are enjoying your new addition. 

So. You probably want to know how to write a product review. We at KewbzUK believe that knowing what you're buying before you buy it is key to a successful transaction and happy customers. That is the reason that not only do we offer clear, professional images of all of our products, we also give you, the customer, a high quality video of how the puzzle twists and turns.

However, even after all of the above, we still want you to leave a review and tell us and other cubers what you thought of the puzzle, in your own words. Enough small talk, you want to know how to write a review!

Search for your product using the search bar at the top of any page on our site.

Once on the product page, scroll down to the product description and click on the "Reviews" tab.

Click on the "Write a review" button so that the "Name", "Email", "Rating" etc... information is visible.

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