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How to apply Angstrom lube (Dignitas & Gravitas)

How to apply Angstrom lube (Dignitas & Gravitas)

Let's look at how to use Angstrom Dignitas and Gravitas. We have had a lot of customers ask us how to apply this lube. The main difference between the 2 would be the looks. Angstrom Dignitas is a white, creamy liquid and goes in-between the pieces (corner-edge). Angstrom Gravitas is a clear gooey lubricant that goes on the tracks of the pieces. 

We have made a special video for all customers that want to know how to apply Angstrom lube.

Customer Testimonials

Really great lubes, initially slow down your cube but after break in and it spreads its amazing! Works really well with DNM-37.

Jacob Chambers, United Kingdom

Get this lube and then get Compound V or X (or even DNM). Highly Recommended. Lasts a long time and well worth the price.

Tom Dooley, United kingdom

Thank you so much for allowing us in Europe to benefit from these great Cubicle products. We continue to support you in Spain.

Lorenzo Rodríguez, Spain

Buy Angstrom Lubes

U.K cubers had no real way of buying Angstrom lubes, until now. KewbzUK were the first UK Speed cube shop to bring the lube across the water. Want to buy an Angstrom lubricant? Check them out below.

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Angstrom Gravitas

Angstrom Dignitas

Buy Angstrom Gravitas - Express Delivery UK Stock - KewbzUK

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