What Are UV Coated Speed Cubes?

Every wondered why we need UV coated speed cubes in 2024? Let's take a little dive into the world of UV coated puzzles and compare the pros and cons.

What is UV Coating?

UV coating, or ultraviolet coating, is a clear, liquid-based substance that is applied to the surface of some speed cubes.

This coating is then cured (hardened) resulting in a hard, glossy finish. However, that doesn't answer the question as too why we need it.

UV coated cubes where popularised in 2020 with the release of the popular GAN 11 M Pro UV texture.

Benefits of UV Coating on Speed Cubes ✅

It may seem like a gimmick, but there are actually a few good reasons to get a UV coated cube over a non-UV coated version. Let's take a little look at the main benefits.

Enhanced Durability

One of the main advantages of UV coating is the enhanced durability.

The hard, glossy finish created by the UV coating protects the cube's surface from scratches, scuffs, and general wear and tear, meaning that UV coated cubes can maintain their appearance and performance for a longer period compared to non-coated cubes.

Improved Grip

UV coated speed cubes often have a slightly different texture compared to traditional cubes. The coating can provide a better grip, making it easier for cubers to use fingers tricks when solving (especially when in a warm sports hall in the middle of July/August at a WCA Competition 😅).

Aesthetic Appeal

Many cubers like the UV coating due to the aesthetical appearance of the cubes and not so much for the improved durability and grip. Whatever your reasons for purchasing a UV cube, they sure are paving the way for the future of speed cubing.

What's the Catch ❌

So we've looked at the good parts of UV coated cubes, but what about the bad? We're all about being honest and fair here at KewbzUK. So let's talk negatives.


UV coated cubes are often more expensive than the non-uv coated counter parts. For example, upon release the GAN 562 UV is £54.99 whilst the non-UV coated version is £49.99.


UV coating is just that, a coating. With all coatings (especially those that are under hard use for hours every day) it can wear down. This can happen but it does take alot of cubing to do that, just bear it in mind.


Comparing the Cubes

In the left hand image you can see a UV coated GAN cube. However, in the right hand image you can see a MoYu MeiLong 3M V2 that is non-UV coated.

Note the glossy surface of the GAN in the left hand image, this is the UV coating.

GAN13 MAGLEV UV 4 copy.jpg__PID:3189189c-6af3-4d3a-997e-a76f4a5f2af4
UV Coated
Non-UV Coated