Tornado V2 M Setup & Tension Guide

An in-depth look at the X-Man Tornado V2 M, how it works and what the different settings mean

Magnet Adjustment System

The Tornado V2 M has 5 different magnetic settings that can be easily adjustment in each of the edge pieces (12 total). These can be adjusted using the flat-head screwdriver attachment (can be found at the bottom of the main tension tool).

1 - Weakest 
2 - Weak
3 - Medium 
4 - Strong
5 - Strongest

By changing the setting from 1 to 5 you are simply raising the magnet inside the capsule that holds it. When on setting 1, the magnet is further away from the surface of the edge piece and thus further away from the attracting magnet in the corner piece. The opposite is true for setting 5.

Dual Tension Adjustment System

The Tornado V2 M has 5 different tension settings and 5 axis distance settings that can be adjusted under each of the center caps using the 'harpoon' shaped tool. Looking closely at the center piece you will notice a small notch, the number on the outer ring which lines up with this notch is the setting which is active. 

Outer Ring - Tension setting 
Inner Ring - Axis distance setting

To adjust the tension settings of the cube we need to use the harpoon shaped tool (which may be hiding inside the black screwdriver tool), place the 2 prongs from the tool inside the 2 holes on each of the center pieces. Turn the ring clockwise to adjust tension.

To adjust the axis distance simply place the 2 prongs in the same 2 holes as above (making
sure to do this on each of the center piece to keep the settings consistant). Turn the ring counter-clockwise to adjust axis distance.

Tension Settings - The larger the number, the tighter the spring
Axis Settings - The larger the number the smaller the axis distance

The Center Cap

Be extra careful getting the center cap back on to avoid damage (not covered under warranty). 

Looking under the center cap you will notice 2 catches in opposing corners. These align with notches on the corner of the corner piece. If the center cap is not going on, chances are you have to rotate it 90°