How to solve a 6 Spot

Want to learn how to solve the 6 spot (six spot) puzzle? Look no further than our complete tutorial guide. First we will learn the correct notation and how to read the algorithms and then move on to the 3 step method that will have you solving your 6 spot cube in no time at all.


In step 1 we will solve the blue face


In step 2 we will solve the green face


In step 3 we solve the rest of the 6 spot


Let's learn the correct notation for the 6 spot cube.







Step 1

In step 1 we are going to solve the blue face. It's really simple and will take seconds once mastered. 

Note: The corner pieces of the 6 spot cube don't move, they simply rotate around their axis. This means that you will just have to find both blue corners and rotate them so that they are on the top layer.

Case 1

L'  R L R'

Case 2

R L' R' L 

Case 3*

See below*

* Rotate the area shown in green until the blue center is in either position 1 or 2. Once done, perform "Case 1" or "Case 2"

Step 2

In step 2 we are going to solve the green face using the exact same algorithms as we did in step 1. However, this time there are only 2 cases.

With the blue face on the bottom of the cube, Rotate the 2 top corners so that the green pieces are facing upwards (as in the images below).

Case 1

L' R L R'

Case 2

R L' R' L 

Step 3

Step 3 is the longest step and requires the most analysis and work to get through (don't worry, it's still super simple). Once you've cleared step 3 you will have solved your 6 spot cube, hopefully.

With your blue face on the bottom and green on the top you must now decide if your center pieces need to be moved clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Case 1 & Case 3 = Anti-Clockwise
Case 2 & Case 4 = Clockwise

Case 1

U' L' R L R' U

Case 2

U' R L' R' L U

Case 3

U L' R L R' U'

Case 4

U R L' R' L U'