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How to Solve 4x4 Parity

Let's learn how to solve 4x4 parity on our speed cube. The parity algs can be long and stressful to learn but in this parity guide we will try to teach you in an easy to follow manner.

Download 4x4 Parity PDF Guide

OLL Parity

On the 4x4 there is only one OLL case which is shown above.
This is when 2 pieces of the last layer are orientated incorrectly.

PLL Parity

There are a few PLL parity cases on the 4x4. These are when the last layer is orientated correctly but they are in the incorrect position to solve using the regular 3x3 method.

r2 B2 U2 l U2 r' U2 r U2 F2 r F2 l' B2 r2
r2 U2 r2 Uw2 r2 u2
L2 D Fw2 Lw2 F2 l2 F2 Lw2 Fw2 D' L2 
Uw2 Lw2 U2 l2 U2 Lw2 Uw2 F' U' F U F R' F2 U F U F' U' F R 
Uw2 Lw2 U2 l2 U2 Lw2 Uw2 R U' L U2 R' U R L' U' L U2 R' U L' U 

4x4 Parity Video

Follow along in real time as we go through all of the 4x4 parity algs. Use the timestamps in the video to select which algorithm you need to view.