A few stats on helping you buy a cube for someone that wants to get into cubing. Theres a lot more to cubing than just buying a random cube. From colour to size, magnetic or non-magnetic, brands and much more...

Over 90% of cubers now prefer a stickerless speed cube over a stickered cube.

3x3 is by far our most popular category of speed cubes. Followed (not so closely) by 2x2 cubes (they're a good start for younger cubers).

Almost all major speed cube manufacturers now incorporate magnets into their cubes. These magnets help the layers align and give the user a nice satisfying bump when the layers align.

Here you'll find a breakdown of our best selling brands (across all WCA events. There isn't much between them as you can see. For beginners it may be slightly confusing deciding on what brand to buy. GAN are well known for their premium cubes but also come at a premium price point. Its a fair battle between MoYu and QiYi but we can tell you that as of recently, the MoYu/QiYi split has been considerably more favourable towards MoYu.

Stats: The above information is 100% accurate and is based on figures from January 2020 to August 2022