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Clock Guides

A collection of Clock guides and tutorials from how to solve one, to how to get faster, how to change the inserts and how to lubricate a clock.

Clock Basics

What is the Rubik's Clock?

The Rubik's Clock is a twisty puzzle with nine clocks on each side, connected internally so that turning one affects others. The objective is to set all nine clocks to the 12 o'clock position on both sides.

How does the Rubik's Clock differ from other Rubik's puzzles?

Unlike other Rubik's puzzles, the Rubik's Clock uses a clock face mechanism rather than colored stickers or tiles. It involves turning gears and pressing pins to manipulate the clocks.

What is the beginner's method for solving the Rubik's Clock?

The beginner's method involves:

  1. Solving the four edge clocks on one side.
  2. Flipping the clock and solving the four edge clocks on the opposite side.
  3. Solving the 8 corner clocks one by one.
  4. Aligning all of the clocks to 12' on both sides.
What should I do if the clocks on my Rubik's Clock don't move properly?

Check if any pins are stuck or if the gears are jammed. Lubricating the puzzle can help improve the movement of the clocks.

What is 7-Simul?

7-Simul, short for "7 simultaneous," is an advanced method used in solving the Rubik's Clock. It involves manipulating multiple clocks at the same time to optimize solving efficiency and reduce the number of moves required.