GAN12 M Comparison 

What's the difference between the different GAN12 M's?
GAN12 M Leap, GAN12 MagLev & MagLev UV


Both of the GAN12 Leap and magLev look identical when comparing there exterior. The UV however, boasts a glorious glossy shine. 

GAN12 Leap

GAN12 MagLev

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GAN12 MagLev UV

Core, corners & internals

Unlike other GAN cubes in past, the GAN12 features extended magnets attached to the base of the corner stalks which attract to the magnets on the core. These extended magnets help the layers to 'auto-align' when turning. Looking at the 3rd image below we can see exactly how the magnets align with each other. This is available in both the GAN12 Leap and MagLev versions.

The GAN12 features the GMS v3 (GAN Magnet System) which allows the user to adjust the magnet strength of the puzzle. This works by changing the distance between the corner stalk magnets and the core magnets. You can adjust them by the sliders on each of the corner pieces.

GAN12 Leap & MagLev

GAN12 Leap & MagLev

GAN12 Leap & MagLev

Adjustment mechanism

The primary difference between the GAN12 Leap and MagLev versions are the way the tensions work. In the first 2 images below we can see that the LEAP features a new type of clear nut with an internal spring, whilst the MAGLEV boasts 2 repelling magnets as a direct replacement to the spring.

GAN12 Leap

GAN12 MagLev

GAN12 Travel Adjuster

GAN12 Tension Adjuster

GAN12 Adjustment Mechanism

With over 250 different combinations, it be confusing to understand what everything does.
So... how does the adjustment mechanism actually work? 

Center Travel

The distance that the center piece will move (up and down) along the core when turning - Decides the key performance parameters such as corning cutting and anti-pop.


The tightness of the sides when they are compressed to the core - Changes how tight the cube feels when turning.

Magnet Strength

Exactly what you think it is. The distance between the 2 magnets on the bottom of the corner stalks and core. The closer the magnets, the stronger magnetic feel you get when turning.

Note: The adjustment tool has 2 ends. One end will adjust the TRAVEL DISTANCE whilst the other end will adjust the TENSION. Be sure to pull the 2 ends until you feel the click, this will lock the tool in place and allow you to use it correctly. Please be careful as the tool may break if you pull with too much force or without the correct alignment.