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Please Note: NONE of our shipping services are guaranteed to be delivered the next day. Whilst Royal Mail and DPD both try their very best to ensure the fastest delivery possible, delays can happen. We take no responsibilty for the delay of your order when it's in the hands of the courier. 

If you would like to seek a refund on the shipping due to a delayed item please reach out to the courier first and start the process.

We now offer DPD ultra fast delivery. Orders placed before 4pm Monday to Friday will be delivered the next working day (Fridays orders will be delivered Monday unless you selected "DPD (Weekend)" as your shipping method. 

Orders placed after 4pm will not be shipped until the following working day and therefor will be 1 day behind. Orders placed on Saturday before 4pm with weekend delivery will be delivered Sunday. 


Order Day/Time Delivery Service Collection Day/Time Delivery Day/Time Tuesday @ 11am Mon-Fri Tuesday @ 4pm Wednesday Friday @ 3pm Weekend Friday @ 4pm Saturday Sunday @ 5pm Mon-Fri Monday @ 4pm Tuesday Monday @ 9pm Mon-Fri Tuesday@ 4pm Wednesday Wednesday @ 11pm Mon-Fri Thursday @ 4pm Friday Friday @ 9pm Weekend Saturday @ 4pm Sunday

In short, No.

We cannot guarantee next day delivery on any order. Delays are possible and we accept no responsibilty on what happens when it's in the hands of the courier. 99% of orders that are shipped via DPD are delviered the next working day (Monday to Friday), however, this is not guaranteed.

Most orders which are processed before 3pm will be sent the very same working day with Royal Mail 1st/2nd class postal service. We always despatch order within 4 hours of payment clearing (unless ordered after 2pm and if the order contains a Pre-Ordered cube). For more information on our shipping services please view our "Shipping Information" article.

If your order contains a pre-ordered cube which we do not currently have in stock, your whole basket will ship together (not in 2 separate shipments). If you would like to receive the cubes which we do have in stock without waiting for the pre-ordered cube then please order them separately. You can check the description of the cube on pre-order for an estimated arrival/shipping date.

We accept cancellations on all pre-orders as long as we have not already shipped the product. Unfortunately we do get charged a fee per refund which means any cancellations will incur a 3.5% + 0.20p refund fee.

If we have shipped your pre-order and it is in transit, we are unfortunately unable to refund it. You may however, return the product at your own expense for a refund (minus original shipping + fees).

If you order 1-2 (or 2-3) day tracked shipping your order is processed with higher priority and will be shipping the same working day if ordered before 3pm (unlike 2pm for 2nd/1st class postage). This is an estimated delivery timeframe and may incur delays from unexpected events such as weather. We are unable to give refunds on shipping for late deliveries due to it being out of our control. If you have issues with any postage/delivery then please contact Royal Mail by clicking here

Please Note: If you order AFTER 9am on a Saturday morning your order will not be shipped until Monday afternoon due to Royal Mails Saturday cut off and day off collections on Sunday's. This means that for all orders placed on weekends after 9am Saturday, Tuesday is your day 1 and Wednesday is your day 2 for delivery etc....

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

Brexit has had a major impact on our international orders and customers. 

Unfortunately all EU customers will now incur a customs/duty charge (and sometimes a handling charge) for all orders over a certain amount (please check with your countries customs/duty office for official fees/cost).

We are extremely eco-conscious here at KewbzUK and use mailing bags made from sugar cane. These mailing bags are 100% carbon neutral and fully recyclable. Some manufacturers are also doing their part to reduce their impact on the environment and using thinner-walled card-like material for their outer boxes, which are weaker and when wrapped, may appear distorted/dented. This is from the factory, and we are unable to do anything about that.

If you are worried about potential distorted/dented boxes, please reach out to us before purchase.

If your order arrives and you are unhappy with the presentation of the outer box, you can put a claim in with Royal Mail for an item which has been damaged in transit. Otherwise, reach out and we can start the claim process too (this can take up to 30 days). 

By purchasing from KewbzUK you are understanding that we use eco-mailing bags which MAY NOT be as strong and protective as cardboard boxes, however, you are in fact, helping us remain eco-friendly and reduce the environmental impact we have on the planet.

We currently accept most major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) We also accept Paypal and GooglePay. 

You sure can :)

Instead of purchasing a cube for a friend or relative, you can always opt to purchase a Giftcard instead. These giftcards ensure you're not ordering a puzzle/cube that they may already own. 

Our giftcards will be emailed to you automatically and can be printed out if needed. Once you have your unique discount code you can simply enter this in the "Discount Code" box at checkout.

Giftcards must be used within 12-months of purchase or they will expire. There is nothing we can do about this sadly so please do use them within a 12 month period :D

Have any more questions regarding giftcards? Drop us an email at

Our payment gateway is very sensitive to incorrect data entered in the billing address/card detail fields at checkout. The billing address is the address to which your card is registered, this does not have to be the same as the shipping address. 

A pending card transaction is a recent attempt to purchase which is yet to be cleared by your bank, if you have not received your order confirmation, your card will be debited the amount once the bank has processed/checked the incorrect information and confirmed your order failed.

You may email us to be sure your order has not gone through but if the pending payment isn't debited within a few days you would need to contact your bank directly.

To ensure a quick and easy checkout please ensure you have entered the correct details before submitting your order.  

Yes, In the unlikely event that your item is defective or damaged during the delivery process, please contact us as soon as possible. However, most products are visually inspected before they are dispatched & care is taken to ensure everything is safely packaged.

If you want to return an unwanted cube that is still in its original packaging then please get in contact with us before returning it. Please email first before sending it back.

Simply head on over to the "Contact Us" page and let us know your order number and reason for the return. We will then review your request, where possible we will try to help you fix up your issue and if this cant be done we will issue a refund once the product has been returned safely. Please note: We require adequate photo/video evidence of any broken products. We also require a returns slip in with your order otherwise we may not know were to send the refund. This should contain your original order number/email/name and who you spoke to via email. Without this we cannot process any refund.

If you are unable to collect your parcel from your local depot or you missed the collection deadline and your parcel finds its way on a return trip to us, please don't panic. 

There are 2 options if this happens: 

  1. We can refund the cost of the order upon its safe arrival back to us (minus the original postage)
  2. We can ship the order out to you again although there would be another shipping charge (equal to the same amount as the original)

Unfortunately with International orders there are some complications with Customs & Duty. Your parcel may be held if you do not pay the customs/duty and then returned back to us after 'X' amount of days. In this instance we are unable to refund the original shipping cost and only the price of the cubes/products will be refunded.

Please DO NOT miss your collection deadline.

Yes, of course. Please email us ASAP and we will try our best. If your order has been shipped then sadly we cannot cancel it and it will have to be returned to us for a refund.

We will cover any breakages for up to 7 days after the cube has been received at the delivery address (if you are purchasing as a birthday present then we advise checking the cubes just to ensure everything is okay to avoid any issues on the day).

Please note: We will replace the broken piece and NOT the whole cube.

Pops are NOT covered under warranty so please be careful when making first turns. If your cube feels loose then it will require tightening. If your cube it tight it will require losening (ever so slightly)

If a piece of your cube has broken then we can get a replacement piece shipping out to you. We have a very small fee of £1.50 for replacement pieces, it doesn't matter what brand the cube, or what piece.

If you have only had your cube a few days and a piece has broken we may be able to discount this slightly depending on the cube/piece required. Unfortunately shipping will still have to be paid for via the buyer. Cubes can break and it is nobody's fault (unless you've dropped it) :-(

When using bigger cubes 4x4+, care is needed when first attempting it. Do not jump straight in and start twisting as if it where a 3x3 if you are not used to it. Bigger cubes such as the 7x7+ are very delicate and will be more prone to damage.


Please get in contact with us at

Unfortunately this can happen from time to time. It's not always bad (unless its a really big cube like an 8x8+). We cannot accept returns on popped cubes as there are many factors that can come into play such as harsh turning and dropping the cube.

Please send us a photo to and we will do our best to assist you. In some cases we have had cubes returned back to us for assembly (both shipping costs to be paid for by the buyer). However, there are plenty of guides online regarding assembly of popped cubes.

Popped cubes are a part of cubing and should be welcomed, it is a fundamental part of speed cubing and is just another part of the puzzle. 

Stickerless puzzles can appear scratched in the right light, this is due to the manufacturing process and can only be avoided by purchasing the special "Frosted" effect plastic such as some MeiLong cubes and ShengShou Gem puzzles. If in doubt please contact us on

Please note: We will not accept returns requests on any puzzles that appear slightly marked/scratched. All puzzles which leave us are 100% brand new unless otherwise stated.

As our puzzles are all brand new they do require a few twists and turns to really bed themselves in. During this period your puzzles may become loose (and some may fall apart). Simple pop on over to the contact us page and let us know what puzzle you have and we will do our best to help you out. All puzzles can be re-assembled so do not worry at all.

If your puzzle is very tight/hard to turn then do not worry! Simply head on over to our "How To" blog and read up about adjusting your puzzle. You can also click here to view the article. If you are struggling then please do get in contact with us using the "Contact Us" button below.

If your puzzle has become very loose to turn after a few twists and turn then do not worry! Simply head on over to our "How To" blog and read up about adjusting your puzzle. You can also click here to view the article. If you are struggling then please do get in contact with us using the "Contact Us" button below.

At this time we do not currently have a shopfront, we are looking to change this in the near future. We do have pop up stall's at some UK competitions when these are scheduled.

If you hear a spring noise when turning layers of your cube it's most likely that you need to drop a little bit of hardware lube onto the screw of the puzzle. This can happen from time to time and is nothing to worry about. 

NEVER use water-based lubes on the screws or metal pieces of your cube. They can cause rust. 

We recommend Lubicle Black for spring noise. 

All orders are sent via Royal Mail 1st Class or 2nd Class unless otherwise selected at checkout. When you receive your confirmation of shipping email there will be a tracking number attached (Please Note: this tracking number is for our use only although will show you when the item has been delivered.)

All orders from international customers are sent Royal Mail Tracked & Signed and can be tracked by following 
this link.

If your order has not already been dispatched, we can cancel your order. If however, your order has been dispatched, you will have to return the goods in good condition (unopened and unused) at your own expense. We can then issue a refund of the goods (minus shipping) once the product has reached us safely. 

If your order has not left us yet, then it's a little easier as there is no additional shipping costs. 

Of course, You do obviously have to fill in a few details for security and so we can actually send you your parcel & invoice. However, during checkout simply untick the "Save this information for next time" button if you do not wish to create an account (although you would be missing out on great advantages like our rewards program). 

An account can be created by clicking the "Register" button found in the top, right hand corner of any page. Another way to create an account is at the "Checkout" page. Simply enter your shipping details and check the "Save this information for next time" checkbox.

That's simple, you can change your account password yourself by following the below steps.

  1. Click the "My Account" Link in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click on the "Recover Password" link at the bottom of the popup which appears.
  3.  Enter your email address and click on the "Recover" button.